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1.  If you make clic on our logo from any page that you are, you can return to the home page.

2. Who are we, here you will know more about ecuador-properties.

3. Search Motor: This option helps the user to search an specific information faster.

4. At the left you will find the principal menu that we detailed.:

a. Goods on sale: Here you will find what you need to a acquiere a property in the sector that you prefer, and with the characteristics according to your needs.

b. Goods to the rent: Here you will find goods that are for rent in many places on the country with different characteristics.

c. Publish a request: This service is gratuitous, exclusively reserved for the requests of buyers or renters of real estate in Ecuador.

d. See the requests: In this option you can review the requests entered by the visitors, are these of purchase or rent of tangible goods and will be able to contact yourself directly with them.

e. Professionals Offer: This option this directed to professionals and companies that are related in the area of the construction.

 Rates: In this option you can find the prices that we offer

g. Information of Ecuador: In this option you go to find basic information about our country in general terms like: climate, currency, type of government, location, etc.

h. Newsletter: In this option you must register yourself to receive this news bulletin on the new features of our site.

i. Contact us: In this option you will be able to ask, commentaries and suggestions.


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